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Make Money The New Fashion Way - Book Reviews

  • Amazon Customer

    Make Money The New Fashion Way is a great read!!!!! Very thought provoking and definitely a great guide on entrepreneurship. What I also liked about this book, it gets right to the point. If you are looking for an alternative way to make money this book is for you !!!!

  • Toni Ann

    Excellence, success, dreams, income all on your own terms. The step by step guide is understand able, and one can appreciate the truth of experience, conveyed by the author.

  • Charles H.

    Every so often I pick up a book wondering if I should judge it by its cover…. I am actually pleased with myself that I did. From its intriguing cover to its page turning chapters, I can truly say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. From the first chapter you can tell that Mr. Cobos poured himself into this book. I would advise anyone to read this book. As far as I can tell this is his first labor of love, I can not wait until he puts out the next one.

  • Violet Orchid Lover

    I found this book to be very helpful towards launching and developing my networking businesses. The strategies and marketing concepts are explained in ways that are directly applicable to today’s changing global economy. I am new at entrepreneurship and now have a better understanding of my next steps. This book is a game changer and I highly recommend it!

  • John M.

    For anyone considering launching a networking marketing business or any other business, this is a must read. The author removes the mystery of network marketing and lays out a simple blue print for success which the reader can easily understand and begin to implement on day one of launching their business. Written in a simple conversational style one cannot help but to feel inspired by the author’s passion which helps to instill confidence in the reader that you too can become a successful entrepreneur and “Make Money The New Fashion Way”! You won’t put it down and when your done you’ll keep it close at hand as a reference to help reinvigorate and revitalize your entrepreneurial spirit as you embark on your own successful journey.

  • Amazon Customer

    A must read for anyone considering network marketing. It takes the mysteries out of entrepreneurship. It’s an easy read and well worth your time. Read it and be enthralled.

  • Amazon Customer

    Short, sweet and straight to the point. I really enjoyed this book and the way Ruben Cobos lays down the facts on personal finances, entrepreneurship, creating lanes of revenue and personal growth. You can apply this to any operation. I strongly recommend this if you’re into business or new to it. The gems within these chapters will inspire you, it gets the wheels turning. Leading readers towards greater purpose.

  • Bruce M.

    Make Money The New Fashion Way, the title says it all.
    This book is a Great quick read that is straight to the point with many gems.
    It is an Inspiring way to look at business in a different way. Allows any type of person
    with passion and drive to get started on their new journey of living life and loving it.
    If you are stuck in life or just looking to change your career and do not know how to start.
    This is the spark you will need to find your own personal way.

  • Amazon Customer

    Amazing read with tremendous insights on techniques and practices on how to invest and profit from what you already have.
    Any entrepreneur needs this in his or her collection!

  • Mr. R

    This book is short a to the point. Best business book I’ve read so far.

  • Linette R.

    If you’re looking to become your own boss and make money through network marketing, then this is the book you should have in your hand RIGHT NOW! It’s short, but yet precise. I love it!! It is a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful business builder. The author gets a A+ from me!

  • Robert R.

    This book has been a driving force of inspiration. Very simple and to the point, it lays down the blueprint for success. In the same category of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Glad I picked it up.

  • Christine L.

    Warren Buffet says “never rely on one income” if you are ready to create a more stable financial future for yourself then “Make Money The New Fashion Way” is a must read. It will give you both a 30,000 foot big picture perspective as well as the step by step process you need to get started to creating another income stream for yourself and your family. –

  • Nancy R.

    “Inspirational reading”……enjoyed reading about the author’s work ethic and drive to always do better though personal growth. He offers some good, down-to-earth tips for doing so!!

  • Kennedy J.


    Make Money The New Fashion Way is not only a book, but more of a handbook/guide to becoming an entrepreneur. A step-by-step guide to building the life of your dreams in the highly underrated profession of Network Marketing. No fluff with his words. Just straight to the point for those looking to change the quality of their life. And to help others do the same as well. I had to buy two!!! One for the house and one for the road!! Thank you Ruben … I’m looking forward to seeing the change.

  • Jae C.

    I advise everyone on my team to purchase this book, to read it, follow it & add it to their kit. This book could not have came to be at a better time in my life. It sophisticatedly explains all the key components of network marketing & how to best execute your plans of a rising business. It maps out the complexities of network marketing & makes it simple for everyone to understand. This guide I could read multiple times for pleasure or when ever I’m in need of some fresh motivation. I love the way the author speaks to you, his voice truly shines through for anyone to relate to & begin their own empire. This read gave me a sense of empowerment definitely a must read for any business oriented individual. Enjoy !

  • Patricia A.

    You will realize where your happy is after reading this book. Finally a book that will enlighten you with the knowledge to make that change you been waiting for. Become that successful entrepreneur. After reading this book you will have a new passion and drive for success.