Ruben Cobos

About the Author

Ruben Cobos is a visionary business leader and savvy investor who has successfully founded and built numerous businesses across multiple sectors over the last twenty years. He is a motivational speaker and business consultant to numerous celebrity entertainers and entrepreneurs.

With a proven track record for personally generating more than $10 million in corporate sales, Mr. Cobos is an inspired leader who thrives in a team environment. With his powerful combination of business strengths in strategic planning, marketing and branding, public relations, project management, event planning, multimedia, and social media coupled with his genuine love of people and adept emotional intelligence, Ruben is able to motivate teams to exceptional success, having led teams that have managed more than $25 million in sales and events that have serviced more than 450,000 people.

Ruben is a serial entrepreneur who is an expert in the areas of multimedia, social media, Alexa ranking, search engine optimization, website creation, and Google AdWords to leverage the power of the Internet for both his own internal projects and businesses and his various business partnerships.

Mr. Cobos simultaneously launched his first record label, production company/recording studio, and music publishing company in 2001. He later went on to launch a second record label in 2003. He has received multiple awards for his record label/movement with established award shows in NYC, including Indie Label of the Year (2005) and CEO of the Year (2008).

In 2002 Ruben was presented with the Millionaire Elite award for his expertise in building a lucrative real estate portfolio.

In addition to his many business pursuits, Ruben is a writer and musician who is passionate about health, nutrition, spirituality, and personal development and who has a deep love of animals. His vision is to ultimately open a no-kill shelter.