business leader
Ruben Cobos tells you how to
be your own boss and take control of your future

“This is not a coincidence or an accident that you are reading this.

This is the law of attraction working its magic.
Somehow, someway, we both manifested this day.
You are never alone.”

Ruben Cobos


Discover the joys of being your own boss in Make Money the New Fashion Way, by visionary business leader Ruben Cobos. This how-to guide in network marketing is the tool you need to discover success.

 Cobos has a proven track record of success, having personally generated over $10 million in corporate sales. Here, he shares his expertise to help others harness the power of entrepreneurship through network marketing.

 Cobos provides a step-by-step guide on how to get involved—explaining exactly what network marketing is and how to launch a successful enterprise by finding prospects to sponsor and supporting them in their efforts.

More free time, unlimited earnings potential, and increased leadership skills are just some of the benefits of network marketing. Let Cobos show you the path to personal and financial freedom.


Including Affirmation Bonus Chapter

I Am The Force

“First, with network marketing, there is the potential to earn exponential profit. You can earn money from the sales you make as well as from the distributors who are signed up under you and the distributors who are signed up under them. Second, there are not the same risks of liability as there are with traditional businesses. Third, network marketing does not require as much capital as do traditional businesses.“

“Through network marketing, you get many personal benefits, such as gaining or improving leadership skills, self-development, and personal growth; building skills in sales; increasing your emotional intelligence; and having the chance to help other people.”
– Make Money The New Fashion Way | Ruben Cobos

“More than 80 percent of women in the United States who earn salaries of six figures or more a year achieve this through network marketing.”

– Make Money The New Fashion Way

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein

America is in a
“State of Emergency”

National Debt is over 19 trillion dollars
Student Loan Debt is over 1 trillion dollars

Consumer Debt is over 40 trillion dollars

Book Reviews

You will realize where your happy is after reading this book. Finally a book that will enlighten you with the knowledge to make that change you been waiting for. Become that successful entrepreneur. After reading this book you will have a new passion and drive for success.
Patricia A.
I advise everyone on my team to purchase this book, to read it, follow it & add it to their kit. This book could not have came to be at a better time in my life. It sophisticatedly explains all the key components of network marketing & how to best execute your plans of a rising business. It maps out the complexities of network marketing & makes it simple for everyone to understand. This guide I could read multiple times for pleasure or when ever I’m in need of some fresh motivation. I love the way the author speaks to
Jae C.
THIS REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED … Make Money The New Fashion Way is not only a book, but more of a handbook/guide to becoming an entrepreneur. A step-by-step guide to building the life of your dreams in the highly underrated profession of Network Marketing. No fluff with his words. Just straight to the point for those looking to change the quality of their life. And to help others do the same as well. I had to buy two!!! One for the house and one for the road!! Thank you Ruben … I’m looking forward to seeing the change.
Kennedy J.
“Inspirational reading”……enjoyed reading about the author’s work ethic and drive to always do better though personal growth. He offers some good, down-to-earth tips for doing so!!
Nancy R.
Warren Buffet says “never rely on one income” if you are ready to create a more stable financial future for yourself then “Make Money The New Fashion Way” is a must read. It will give you both a 30,000 foot big picture perspective as well as the step by step process you need to get started to creating another income stream for yourself and your family. –
Christine L.
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